Hunting Safaris in Africa

Wendell Reich Cape Buffalo Tanzania

Hunting in Africa

In 1994, I made my first hunting safari to Africa. Although I have hunts all over the world, I specialize in African hunting safaris. I have spent the last 18 years hunting and exploring safari hunting areas in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania. Hunting everything from plains game to most of the big 5.

It is easy to say that African Safari hunting has been a passion of mine since the day I first set foot on the continent in 1994.


When choosing an African safari, it is best to speak with someone who has hunted many different areas and game animals in Africa and can give you an idea of what to expect in each area, and someone who can give you many options!

When you are speaking to one safari operator alone, he has an interest in selling you his hunt only! I have an interest in giving you as many good options as possible, and the ability to compare your wants and desires with dozens of options in many countries in Africa! I travel to Africa on a yearly basis. I travel to the hunting areas, and I hunt in the areas. I can choose any professional hunter in Africa to send my clients to. I have only chosen the ones I feel can offer the game and experience that me and my clients expect from a top notch hunting safari.


Since price is always a concern, I will make sure that you know the bottom line before booking a safari. All prices and fees are stated up front, all expectations will be set from the beginning to avoid any surprises at the conclusion of the safari.

You will know your odds of success. Many of these hunts carry exceptionally high success rates, such as Buffalo and plainsgame hunts. Success on some animals, such as Lion and Leopard, will vary from country to country and area to area. In any instance, I will be happy to give you straight answers for any questions you may have about the hunt. Some clients like to speak directly with the safari operator before making a decision on booking a hunting safari. Not only do I give you the information, but I encourage you to talk directly with the operator or professional hunter who will be taking you hunting. The more you know, the more likely you are to be pleased and successful.


I have some exceptional areas to hunt plains game at very reasonable prices. Hunt by tracking with the Bushman trackers on very large private ranches.


If you are looking for an exciting old fashioned Safari, Mozambique is the place to go. This area is not a “swampy” area, it is a dry land hunt, similar to those in Northern Zimbabwe. Excellent Buffalo, Sable and cat hunting here!


From the Selous Reserve in the East to Masailand in the North to Rungwan and the other Southwestern blocks, there are a multitude of choices for a hunt in Tanzania. From a short 7 or 10 day Buffalo hunt to a 21 to 28-day hunt with all species in different areas, Tanzania holds many options!


This country is considered one of the top choices for a first time safari in Africa. Here you can expect excellent plains game hunting on large ranches or large communal lands with some of the most reasonable prices for plains game.

South Africa

I work with two operations in South Africa who hunt on huge properties. These are large, contiguous properties with an incredible abundance of plains game. South Africa is the destination for hunters who want to hunt in an area that holds a large variety of plainsgame from Duiker to Roan and Sable. These hunts can be coupled with dangerous game species like Cape Buffalo and White Rhino, on the same large properties! It is a great place to hunt some of the more unique species like Nyala, Blue Duiker and Vaal Rhebuck.


I have a large selection of hunts in Zambia. From large un-fenced Game Ranch hunts on the Luangwa River to GMA’s along the Luangwa and in the Kafue area. Zambia is a top destination for Lion, Leopard and Buffalo.


Zimbabwe has long been the choice destination for affordable big game hunting. I work with many different operators across Zimbabwe offering a very wide variety of dangerous game and plainsgame hunting.