MozBuffaloSafaris de Mocambique

This safari company has a huge concession on the shores of Lake Cahorra Bassa. This area is situated in the Northern Tete province and borders Zimbabwe in the West and South, and the Zambezi River and Lake Cahorra Bassa to the North. The concession is almost one million acres in extent and home to populations of both plainsgame and big game animals.

The area has very diverse habitats, ranging from Cathedral mopane and Jesse bush, to riverine forest and alluvial floodplain. It supports healthy populations of plains game, including Sable, Water Buck and Roan, as well as other typical Zambezi valley animals such as Kudu, Zebra, Impala, Bush buck, Warthog, Duiker and Grysbok. Elephant and Buffalo are abundant in the concession, which is also renown for its big cats.

The vast expanse of water (160km northern boundary) is home to large numbers of Hippo and Crocodile.
The prime hunting species offered in this unspoiled wilderness include Elephant, Cape buffalo, Sable, Leopard, Lion, Crocodile and Hippo. Note that Elephant trophies may not be imported into the Untied States at this time.

The camps are very comfortable, some East African tented and some typical brick under thatch.

If you are looking for an exciting old – fashioned Safari, Mozambique is the place to go. This area is not a “swampy” area, it is a dry land hunt, similar to those in Northern Zimbabwe.