romania-brown-bearHunting in Romania

The first and most sought after animal, that comes to mind when you think about Romania, is the Brown Bear, but Romania has excellent hunting for Red Stag, Boar and Roe Deer as well.

Brown Bear

No other country in Europe can boast the numbers and quality of Brown Bear as Romania. I have hunted Brown Bear in Romania twice with this outfitter and each time I shot a huge Brown Bear. I have no hesitation in recommending this outfitter and his areas for an excellent Brown Bear hunt.

Lodging on these hunts is in hotels around Romania. Which hotel, depends on which area you are hunting and it is not uncommon to move to a different area during the hunt. The 4 hotels I stayed in or visited in my two trips were very nice hotels. The cost of the hotel and food is included in the base hunt cost.

Getting to the hunting areas. The majority of the hunting is done around Bistrita, Romanina . You will fly into Cluj-Napoca Romania and drive about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to the hunting area. It is sometimes possible to hunt on your arrival day depending on the timing of the flight. There are daily flights from Munich and Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Flights from anywhere in the USA to Cluj Napoca are reasonable in cost and not unreasonable in travel time. The destination is worth the time!

I found this part of Romania to be beautiful. The hunting is often done in the mountainous areas outside of Bistrita. Some hunts are conducted on private farm lands, that are in warmer areas down in the plains around the areas where a lot of the Roe Deer hunting is done. Both areas hold excellent quality Bears.

Hunting Style

The vast majority of these Brown Bear hunts are done as baited hunts in the springtime, however, they will do a small number of driven hunts in the fall.

My Assessment

This is a high quality Brown Bear hunt. The accommodations are very nice and comfortable. The food is good and the Bears are plentiful. While they are called Brown Bear, it is reasonable to expect a Bear the size of an inland Grizzly. Although, often the size will rival that of a decent coastal Brown Bear.

Since this is a baited hunt out of a stand, this is a hunt that can be done by someone with limited abilities. If you want a Brown Bear, but can’t do a physically difficult hunt in Alaska, or BC, or you just don’t want to sleep in a wet tent, and pay the high prices of Alaskan Brown Bear or Grizzly hunts, this is something to consider.

The experience is not the same, in some ways it is not a substitute for a North American Grizzly or Brown Bear. But in some ways it is an excellent alternative, or an additional experience to those who have done the North American Brown Bear hunt. In any case, it is a very unique hunt in beautiful country for animals of excellent quality. I rarely go back to repeat a hunt if I have done it once.  This Brown Bear hunt is one of only a very small number of hunts that I have ever done twice! (let that sink in!).

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