Wendell Reich

Hunting Safaris on Lake Kariba

The Gache Gache / Kanyati is situated in the eastern basin of Lake Kariba. The area stretches from the Gache Gache river to the Sanyati River giving 20kms of Lake shore and back into the mountains for approximately 30kms. The Northeastern boundary being the Charara Safari Area and its Southwestern boundary being Matusadona National Park. Gache Gache is known for its many elephant, buffalo, hippo, leopard and massive crocodile. Bird watching and fishing activities at the Lake are world famous and are available from us at your request. Tilapia (bream) fishing provides excellent snacks and meals whilst the Tiger fish is one of the most exciting fresh water game fish. All this makes Gache Gache an excellent area for everyone, whether you wish to hunt, fish, bird watch, photograph or just relax.

While some of the hunting is done in the mountain region of the Zambezi Escarpment, majority is done on the flat land and along the shores of Lake Kariba. This is a free-range area.

My assessment

This is a great big game area with some decent plainsgame hunting opportunities. Buffalo are numerous and trophy quality is good. The Hippo and Croc hunting here is excellent. If you are a fan of stalking and hunting Hippo on dry land, this is the place! Crocodile quality is as good as any place I have been in Southern Africa. There are plenty of Elephant here. Trophy quality of the bulls is fair in the area, all things considered. There are plenty of opportunities to hunt tuskless cow Elephant. Lion is scarce, but Leopard hunting is good.

Since the camp lies on the banks of Lake Kariba, there are numerous opportunities on the lake. Fishing, hunting Hippo and Crocodile or just going for a boat ride to see wildlife.

In a nutshell

This area is a good choice for someone looking for an affordable Buffalo hunt, Hippo hunt on dry land, or this area is a good choice if you are looking for a combination big game hunt that involves and of the dangerous game Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo Hippo or Croc. The pricing becomes more attractive with numerous species.

Rates and Fees

Please contact me for a list of trophy fees and day rates.


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