Texas Aoudad Hunting

Texas Free Range Aoudad Sheep Hunting

Aoudad are quite possibly my favorite animal to hunt in the continental US. Texas Aoudad populations are numerous enough that if you hunt them hard, almost all 3-day hunts are successful.

Aoudad have excellent vision and are quite wary. They can be tough, but I have killed then with rounds as small as a 6.5 Grendel. Most accurate flat shooting rounds sufficient for Mule Deer will work fine.

Aoudad sheep hunts aren’t as difficult as any of the true mountain sheep hunts, but being in good shape increases your odds of success. Knowing your rifles “dope” out to the farthest range you are comfortable shooting is a must.

I have Aoudad Sheep hunts in Northwest Texas, on my ranch and in West Texas in the Glass, Davis and Chianti mountains.

call or email me for Aoudad sheep hunting options.