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I made my first safari to Zimbabwe in 1994, ever since then, I have been consumed with international hunting.

I started booking hunts in 1998. Since that time I have had the good fortune to have hunted again in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Alaska, Bulgaria, Romania and extensively in the lower 48 of the USA. In addition to this, I own a ranch in Texas where I conduct hunts year-round.

Every year I travel to new destinations and hunt new areas. This experience is very valuable to me as a hunting consultant, or booking agent. It gives me additional options to offer my clients, more than if they were to contact one hunting operator alone.

Email Notifications

I view email marketing a little differently than most. A notification is when something interesting happens, like a new area, new hunt, a discounted hunt, a cancelation, or something new or interesting.

I have a signup form at the bottom of each page. If you sign up for these notifications, I do not bombard you with daily emails telling you what I have on my website. I am sure it works for others. It’s also annoying. I have been in this business since ’98. I have not resorted to annoying my clients yet. Not going to start now.

I will not sell, trade or let anyone have access to your information, ever. period.

Answers to common questions
about my services

Some commonly asked (or wondered) questions about using me, a full time booking agent, to help you select the proper hunt.


It costs you nothing! My service is free to you.

I am paid a commission by the outfitters that I represent. I do not add anything on top of their fees. The price you would pay by going directly with them is the same price you would pay by using me as an agent.

What is the benefit of using a booking agent? Why should’t I just go direct to the outfitter?

One of the values of using an agent is in variety. An outfitter is interested in selling you his hunt only. A good agent has a variety of options and the experience to know the difference and benefits of one hunt over another.

An agent is a local contact who is usually more responsive to e-mails and questions. Using an agent is free, why not see what other options are available? Just because you contact me, does not mean I expect your business. I may not always have the best option for you. But, if you don’t inquire, you will never know what other options may be available.
The pricing for a Safari seems very complicated. I am concerned about the bottom line price and any hidden fees.

Part of my job is to make sure that you’re prepared. This is one of the benefits of using an agent. This includes being informed about all cost and fees associated with the hunt. In addition to the operators published price list, I will generally provide a “bottom-line” quote associated with the hunt.

That is what I am here for!

You tell me what you want to hunt, I will give you straight answers about what to consider. Including all pricing, trophy expectations, success rates and difficulty of the hunt.

Remember, my service is free. I do not expect your business just because you contact me. I do not add your email to a mailing list. (I obey spam laws!) You have nothing to loose.

Absolutely. In fact I encourage it!

Speaking with the guide or professional hunter that you will be with in the field ensures that the proper expectations for the hunt have been set. I encourage the hunters to contact the hunt operator, call the references, and do their due diligence in selecting the proper hunt.

When hunters are prepared for the hunt and properly informed, they know exactly what to expect. This generally leads to a successful and enjoyable hunt.

How to Choose???

With all the guides and outfitters available, it can be difficult to make a decision on who to book a hunt with. You can sort through brochures, and web-sites for hours then call all the references and still not really know anything about the guides or outfitters in question.

The Best?

I see advertisements for different hunts that claim they are “The Best!” or “The hunt of a lifetime!” or “We will make your dreams come true!”.

How can these people know what the hunt of a lifetime is when they do not know you and what you want? They are selling “pie-in-the-sky” expectations and promising to make your dreams come true without even knowing what they are.

Reasonable Expectations!

I do not sell dreams or experiences of a lifetime. I offer reasonable expectations. When a client comes to me with a request for a hunt that they are interested in, I will talk straight with them on what they can expect from the hunt. Not every hunt is perfect, not every area is “the best”. If there is something different or important about the hunt or area, you will know it before making a decision.

The use of a full time hunting consultant or booking agent can cut your research down to making one phone call.

I am a full-time hunting consultant. The time and energy devoted to choosing the right outfitter or professional hunter is a full time job. I travel extensively to hunt new areas and visit new outfitters and professional hunters.

I am paid a commission, as a booking agent, by the outfitters and guides I work with. I will never charge any additional fees and you will never pay more by using me to book your hunt. I do not have a quota or certain number of hunts that I must book with any outfitter. I am free to sell all of their hunts, or none of their hunts. My decision to recommend a hunt to you is based solely on what I think would would be a best fit for you.

You will not get ridiculous promises from me on trophies of unreasonable proportions. You will know what the odds are of taking your desired game as well. You will be well prepared and know what to expect when you book a hunt through me.